MingdeMusik(Group) Ltd.was established in 1997 by Mr. Gerhard Schen;
we are Branding trading company devoted to guitars, basses, stands, gig bag & case, which are all in high quality and original designing language. You could get the general idea of our products from our catalogs or our website.we draw from over 20 years guitar making and production experience.The Massive series builds on tradition and value. We offer the players many choices to express their musical soul. Cut-away, Dreadnoughts, 12 String models, acoustic bass guitars , Stage Jumbo models and multi sized classical guitars are only some of the models found in these series.We produce high quality handmade guitars by combining both tradition and technology; essentially a refined hand-building process where the traditions of theLuthiers art are supported by a modern production facility.We strive for excellence in our products, and we achieve this level of quality by controlling the entire process; from the drawing board to the finished guitar. With higher reputation, our products have been exporting to many countries and places, such like U.S.A, Germany, UK, France,Canada and so on.We also have representative office in Germany and U.S.A. We're always willing to enter into business relations on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and exchanging what one has for what one needs. We are confident to give our customers the fullest satisfaction, we are here to assist you with your ideas and projects.
Gerhard schen
General manager
      明德乐器(集团)由申民先生于1997年创立,我们致力于高品质和原创的各种民谣、古典吉他,贝司,乐器架以及箱包。你可以从我们的目录或者网站了解我们的产品。 我们有着超过20年的吉他制造和生产管理经验。大部分的产品系列都是建立在西方传统与声学价值上。 我们为乐手们在抒发音乐情感上提供多样选择: 缺角,正桶;12弦款式,木贝司,JUMBO还有多个尺寸的古典吉他,这仅仅是这些系列中的一些款式。 我们生产的高品质手工吉他糅合了传统以及现代工艺技术,制琴师通过现代的生产设备来实现精确的手工制作程序。 我们致力于产品的卓越,我们通过控制整个生产流程,从选料到吉他的最后一道工序,来达到高的质量水平,因此有着很好的专业声誉,我们的产品已经通过我们的分销商销售到许多国家和地方,如美国,德国,英国,法国,加拿大等。 我们在德国和美国都设有分支机构。 我们一直希望在公平,互惠互利和需求关系转换的基础上建立合作关系。 我们有信心能满足客户的需求,我们会在这里帮助你实现你的想法和项目
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